The Morrow Ecosystem

We are building an ecosystem in Southern Norway with world-class research, development, scaling, manufacturing and logistics within 20 minutes reach of each other.
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Morrow Research Centre

The Morrow Research Centre (MRC) is the cornerstone for the comprehensive infrastructure we are building to industrialise battery cell production in Northern Europe.
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Grimstad, Norway


Morrow Cell Factory (MCF)

As the first of four building phases, the Morrow Cell Factory (MCF) is under construction at Eyde Energy Park and scheduled for completion in 2024. This facility will demonstrate the product proof-of-concept for Eyde 1, the first giga module expected to be operational in 2028.
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Arendal, Norway


Gigafactory in Arendal, Southern Norway

Morrow is establishing a gigafactory with the capacity to manufacture 43 GWh battery cells annually. The gigafactory will encompass the 1GWh Morrow Cell Factory, followed by three giga modules of 14GWh each named: Eyde 1, Eyde 2 & Eyde 3.
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Arendal, Norway

Cathode Active Material Plant

Morrow will produce cathode active material for its LNMO technology on site and will build two CAM plants beginning construction within 2026.

Recycling and Circularity

Recycling and re-use are central to our sustainability and sourcing proposition. We will aim to reduce the environmental footprint of each cell, while extracting as much value as possible.

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(4) Infrastructure & logistics

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Eyde Material Park

Our operations will be supported by a thriving battery eco system at neighbouring sites which combined form Eyde Material Park. The hub will host companies in the battery value chain, such as suppliers of Morrow and auxiliary services. Eyde Material Park is designed to prioritise sustainability and co-existence with nature. The hub provides the ideal environment for sustainable battery production, with Morrow Batteries at its core. Note that the Morrow battery cell manufacturing is set exclusively on Eyde Energy Park, with the land slots for Eyde Material Park surrounding it.

Logistics Hub

The Port of Arendal has begun establishing a new logistics hub and container handling and warehousing operation to help optimise our operations. With these investments, the Port of Arendal is poised to become an even more critical hub for the battery industry, facilitating efficient and cost-effective transportation of battery materials and products to markets worldwide.

The Port of Arendal

The Port of Arendal is an essential asset for Morrow, providing easy access to international markets. The port's deep quays and lack of height restrictions make it an ideal location for Panamax size ships, while its outdoor storage, indoor warehousing, and multipurpose cranes offer convenient and versatile options for shipping and handling cargo. In addition, the port offers green shore power, making it an environmentally friendly logistics option. Given its strategic location close to the European mainland, the port is an ideal location for Morrow as we expand our reach globally. The Port is adding Ro-Ro facilities in 2023.

The road connecting Eyde Energy Park with the Port

A new road between the Port of Arendal and Morrow is currently under construction. The Norwegian government, the county, and the municipality have contributed funds for this infrastructure project, which is expected to be completed in 2026.The new road is essential for improving logistics flow in the region and providing better access to the Port and Morrow. Construction has already commenced on the first part of the road, and the county and municipality have also financed their part of the project.


Customer Qualification line (CQL)

Morrow's Customer Qualification Line (CQL) is a vital facility that bridges the gap between battery research and mass production. The CQL will have a capacity of 2,000 battery cells per month and will serve two main purposes.
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South Korea

The Battery Coast

The Battery Coast is a power-intensive process industry spanning from Porsgrunn to Lista in Southern Norway. The Battery Coast possesses significant expertise in materials, refining, and process industries.
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