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Customer Qualification line (CQL)

Morrow's Customer Qualification Line (CQL) is a vital facility that bridges the gap between battery research and mass production. The CQL will have a capacity of 2,000 battery cells per month and will serve two main purposes.

First, it will produce TRL 7 stage technologies to prove their technological feasibility and provide feedback to the Morrow Research Centre. Second, it will produce A and B sample battery cells for customer qualification processes.  

Morrow has set up a temporary CQL in Korea to produce B-samples for early qualifications towards OEMs. The temporary CQL has been installed at an equipment supplier in South Korea and will be operational there until relocation to Norway at the end of 2023. It will then be installed in the same facility as the Morrow Cell Factory at the Eyde Energy Park.  

The line is semi-automatic and mirrors the process of the larger BCF line, allowing for easy transfer of processes from the CQL to the commercial BCF line with little change. By establishing the CQL, Morrow is accelerating the availability of the Gen 1 A/B Samples for dedicated customer qualification processes, which is critical in turning core battery technology into physical battery cells.

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