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About Morrow


A world powered by renewable energy


Speeding up the energy transition with cost-effective and sustainable batteries


The climate crisis is at a tipping point as our planet is fast approaching an irreversible climate breakdown. If we do not act now, the world as it stands is heading towards a 3 degree increase rather than the critical 1,5 degree goal. There are solutions to our climate crisis. Decarbonisation, electrification and sustainable energy systems. But these pathways need to be enabled now - at industrial scale and with unprecedented speed.

At Morrow, scientific problem solvers are coming together – delivering the batteries we need today and developing the batteries of tomorrow. We are experts from all walks of life. What unites us is the future we are building. A future powered by cost-effective and sustainable batteries.

Becoming Morrow is a journey. As a startup, we are shaped by the world class people who join us to build us. At Morrow, you don't have to fit in to belong and be valued. Your unique perspective coupled with your urge to succeed is our competitive advantage.

Imagine tomorrow powered by us.

Morrow Leadership

Lars Christian Bacher 3_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Lars Christian Bacher


Rahul Fotedar 4_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Dr. Rahul Fotedar


Andreas Maier 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Dr. Andreas Maier


Dagfinn Lie 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Dagfinn B. Lie



Pål Brun

EV Corporate Affairs

Naja Boone5_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Naja Boone

Director of Marketing and Communications

Florian Wunsch 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Florian Wunsch

VP Strategic Partnerships

Elisabeth Meidel 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Elisabeth Meidel

Director Talent and Recruitment

Asta Stenhagen 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Asta Stenhagen

General Council and Head of Legal and Compliance

Jon Fold von Bülow 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Jon Fold von Bülow

Head of Research


Ronny Glöckner

Head of Development

Nina Hunsager Framås2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Nina Hunsager Framås

Director Strategic Projects

Our Board

Liv Monica Stubholt, chairperson of the board

Maria Moræus Hanssen, director

Tor Øystein Repstad, director

Anders Lægreid, director

Pedro Azevedo, director

Franziska Bossart, director

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