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About Morrow


To safeguard our planet and our way of life for future generations.



To be a world-leading partner for accelerating the green energy transition.



To develop and manufacture the most cost-effective

and sustainable battery cells in the world.


Based in the southern part of Norway, Morrow is currently in the process of establishing its 43 GWh gigafactory which utilizes 100% renewable hydroelectric power to manufacture batteries with the lowest possible CO2 footprint.


To accelerate development and qualify its products for key market segments, Morrow is building the Battery Cell Factory 1 which supports the company’s vision to create sustainable batteries.

With these facilities, Morrow and the company’s partners are establishing the "Battery Coast" – a sustainable eco-system built around the battery value chain.


Morrow Batteries was founded in 2020 by strong and committed owners. The two leading investors are Agder Energi Venture, a wholly owned subsidiary of Agder Energi, and NOAH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gjelsten Holding.

Morrow Leadership

Lars Christian Bacher 3_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Lars Christian Bacher


Rahul Fotedar 4_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Dr. Rahul Fotedar


Andreas Maier 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Dr. Andreas Maier


Florian Wunsch 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Florian Wunsch

VP Strategic Partnerships

Asta Stenhagen 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Asta Stenhagen

General Counsel and Head of Legal and Compliance

Pål Brun.jpg

Pål Brun

EVP Corporate Affairs

Dagfinn Lie 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Dagfinn B. Lie


Elisabeth Meidel 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Elisabeth Meidel

Director Talent and Recruitment

Jon Fold von Bülow 2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Jon Fold von Bülow

Head of Research


Ronny Glöckner

Head of Development


Matthias Gänsslen

EVP Sales

Nina Hunsager Framås2_Foto Mona Hauglid.jpg

Nina Hunsager Framås

Director Strategic Projects

Our Board

Liv Monica Stubholt, chairperson of the board

Maria Moræus Hanssen, director

Tor Øystein Repstad, director

Anders Lægreid, director

Pedro Azevedo, director

Franziska Bossart, director

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