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Morrow Research Centre

The Morrow Research Centre (MRC) is the cornerstone for the comprehensive infrastructure we are building to industrialise battery cell production in Northern Europe.

The MRC is set to become a leading hub of innovation for the battery industry in Europe. With a team of 70 highly skilled researchers from 20+ different nationalities, MRC boasts expertise that Norway has not previously possessed.


Strategically located on Campus Grimstad of the University of Agder (UiA), MRC benefits from UiA’s five-year project to build a world-class academic hub for battery technology. UiA’s researchers and educators cover most of the value chains linked to battery production, and a brand-new study program focusing on electrochemistry is being developed.


Morrow and UiA share a common goal to build the Battery Coast of Norway, along with other public and private players. Our battery technology will be tested, scaled, and mass-produced at the Morrow Development Centre (MDC), located in the factory facilities in Arendal. This proximity between the research and development facilities is a unique advantage in developing new battery technology.


Furthermore, the production takes place with Norwegian renewable power, resulting in double environmental benefits. Arendal municipality in South Norway has secured large commercial areas around the factory site to attract supplier companies to Morrow’s battery production. This will contribute to a sustainable and short-haul value chain for battery production.


Our research extends beyond our wholly owned centre in Grimstad to include a teamworking in a rented high-tech battery lab at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), just outside Oslo.


In addition to our research, we collaborate with the IFE team on several R&D projects. Our team here focuses on component development and screening, specifically for electrodes, electrolytes, and separators, which lays the foundation for scaling up our battery portfolio. They also work in a characterisation lab to understand the battery’s degradation mechanisms and test our prototype batteries’ safety. IFE is currently installing a “pilot line” like the one in Grimstad, which will double our capacity for more extensive battery work across both sites.

Our R&D team in Oslo also maintains close collaborations with the University of Oslo and SINTEF Oslo.

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