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Cathode Active Material Plant

Morrow will produce cathode active material for its LNMO technology on site and will build two CAM plants beginning construction within 2026.

Morrow's commitment to sustainable battery production extends to the development of two full-scale cathode active material (CAM) plants, both of which are located within the Morrow Gigafactory in Arendal. These facilities will be designed to produce cobalt-free cathode active materials, making them unique in the world of battery production.

The Active Material Pilot, currently under development, will serve as the basis for the design of the two full-scale CAM modules.

Construction of the full-scale CAM modules is expected to begin in Q1-2025 for CAM module I, followed by CAM module II in Q3-2026. Production is expected to commence in Q2-2027 for CAM module I and Q4-2028 for CAM module II. The operations and ownership models for the two CAM modules are still under discussion.

Morrow's CAM Plant is a significant step towards sustainable battery production, and its success will be key to establishing Morrow as a leader in the industry. By using cobalt-free cathode active materials, Morrow is taking a major step towards creating batteries that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible, while also contributing to the global transition towards renewable energy sources.

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