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Making batteries more affordable is key to accelerating the green energy transition

Morrow will build a highly cost-effective battery cell manufacturing system, with the lowest possible CO2 footprint, and work relentlessly to reduce the cost of batteries.


Morrow aims to develop and manufacture the world’s most sustainable batteries.


Our sustainability strategy rests on five pillars:


  • Cell manufacturing based on 100% renewable energy, with zero-carbon footprint

  • Minimizing the carbon footprint throughout our supply chain

  • High ethical standards for all suppliers 

  • The recycling of battery cells, scrap materials and the re-use of materials

  • R&D on more sustainable battery chemistries, including our breakthrough Lithium-Sulfur-technology

Morrow’s alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) constitute the world’s joint plan to fight poverty, eradicate inequality and save the environment.

The SDGs offer important guidance to Morrow as we develop our company and we are actively seeking to contribute to the fulfillment of the goals.  

Strong potential for positive impact at scale

7 Affordable

7.2 Morrow will help accelerate the green energy transition by building a highly cost-efficient battery cell manufacturing system

7.3 Morrow’s process technology and battery chemistries will help reduce energy consumption and increase energy recovery across the value chain

13 Climate Action

13.2 Morrow’s battery cell manufacturing will be based on 100% renewable energy with zero-carbon footprint and we are comprehensively working to minimize carbon footprint in the whole supply chain

Closely aligned and positive impact to be expected

8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

8.1 Morrow’s operations will contribute to the creation of more green jobs and economic growth

8.8 Morrow strives to safeguard labor rights and secure work environment in our dialogue with suppliers and we only enter partnerships with suppliers with high ethical standards

9 Industri Innovation and Infrastructure

9.5 Morrow invests heavily in developing more sustainable battery chemistries, while actively searching for ways to expand R&D partnerships globally


11.2 Morrow’s batteries will offer key solutions in the quest to provide safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all 

11.3 Morrow is committed to help foster thriving communities, both in the vicinities of our own battery cell production sites and in our sub-suppliers’ communities, including mining

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

12.2 & 12.4 Morrow’s battery chemistries, especially our LNMO cell technology, enables the use of more sustainable materials

12.2,12.4 & 12.5 Morrow will reduce toxic materials and seek a closed loop for all materials in value chain, recycling and re-use of battery cells

12.6 Morrow’s batteries will incorporate digital battery passports and we will strive to ensure traceability across the value chain. We will also report comprehensively on our sustainability performance and require our suppliers to do the same

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