Morrow is currently building world-class battery cell manufacturing capabilities in Southern Norway.

In close cooperation with industrial partners, we are establishing a state-of-the-art battery production facility at Eyde Energy Park in Agder County. The development will include the Morrow Industrialization Center (MIC) which consists of a Battery Innovation Center (BIC), Cathode Active Material Pilot and a Cell Pilot Factory.

Morrow Industrialization Center

Morrow Industrialization Center

Morrow Industrialization Center is our ground-breaking industrialization center for battery technology and cell production.


The center consists of several facilities; namely the Battery Innovation Center, the Cell Pilot Factory and the Cathode Active Material Pilot. Morrow Batteries will start building the Battery Innovation Center and Pilot Factories in 2021. The first facilities start operating in Q3 2022.

The Battery Innovation Center will be Morrow’s competence center of excellence. Located on-campus in Grimstad by the University of Agder, the center will develop and commercialize new battery technology.


This modern facility will be the first of its kind in Scandinavia, and will enable car manufacturers to carry out customer qualification tests.


The site will offer world-leading technology, making it possible to carry out test production of battery cells for qualification for use in the European automotive industry, while providing the opportunity to accelerate the development and commercialization of new battery technologies.


The center will embrace the entire value chain from research and design to the mass production of battery cells. This facility allows Morrow to gradually scale and tune the design, preparing for further scaling at the Cell Pilot Factory.


The ground floor of the Battery Innovation Center will be approximately 2000 m2, and the center will provide lab facilities and office spaces through several floors.


The Cell Pilot Factory will provide an annual capacity of 600 MWh, and will be used for costumer qualification, and scaling the technology towards Morrow’s planned Gigafactory.


The Cell Pilot Factory will cover approximately 12000 m2, and will employ 90 specialists. The facility will be co-located with the Gigafactory at Eyde Energi Park.

Eyde Gigafactory

Building on the solid foundation provided by the the Morrow Industrialization Center, Morrow aims to manufacture the greenest battery cells in the world at the Gigafactory.


The facility will provide state-of-the-art production technology combined with selected product and process innovations to guarantee the very highest product quality at a competitive cost.


The Gigafactory will be rolled out in three phases. The construction of Module 1 is expected to commence in 2023, with all three modules initiated by 2025, and in operation towards the end of 2026.   


The site is ideal for battery production, since the area is; 

  • Ready for construction to start.

  • Has ready access to a significant amount of renewable energy.

  • Enjoys port access a few kilometers away, with a new road prepared for autonomous transport. 


The MIC and Eyde Gigafactory will be located at Eyde Energy Park, with the Battery Innovation Center to be located in Grimstad.

Eyde Giga Factory