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Sustainable Innovation

Morrow Batteries is at the forefront of developing sustainable battery chemistries to help tackle the climate crisis.

“Sustainable innovation is not a choice, it's a necessity. We are moving at great speed towards mass production of sustainable batteries while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.” Liv Monica Stubholt (Chair of the Board at Morrow Batteries).

The company has partnered with over 30 top-tier research and technology organisations across Europe and beyond to drive innovation in battery production. Through these partnerships, Morrow is pioneering new battery chemistries with much-improved sustainability performance, enabling breakthroughs in sustainable battery chemistry while strengthening Europe’s competitiveness in new green industries.

The LNMO-X and LNMO-C battery chemistries remove toxic solvents, eliminate cobalt, and reduce nickel in battery cell production. Cobalt extraction has been riddled with ethical challenges, including worker safety concerns, use of child labour, and serving as a driver of armed conflict. Eliminating the use of cobalt in batteries significantly reduces risks of breaches in social or environmental standards in the supply chain. Morrow’s research teams are also discovering how open and efficient collaboration can unlock major advances in sustainable battery chemistry innovation.

Through partnerships with companies such as Echion Technologies and Citrine Informatics, Morrow is scaling up sustainable battery chemistries and bringing unprecedented speed to sustainable innovation:

Morrow’s use of these partnerships will help make the more sustainable LNMO technology available to mass markets much faster, enabling the urgently needed shift away from fossil energy sources.

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