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Custom-made batteries for electrifying marine vessels.

Morrow is committed to delivering battery solutions that cater to the specific needs of the maritime industry's transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Our product offerings provide a wide range of specifications of various marine vessels, from commercial ships to passenger ferries.

As demand for electrification in the maritime sector grows, Morrow’s batteries make it possible for vessels to travel further, faster, and safer than ever. Scandinavian countries have the potential for electric ferries to cut 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide. Morrow will contribute to accelerating further growth in Europe by offering custom-made batteries for various segments within the marine sector.


Safety is a top priority for Morrow when installing batteries in marine vessels. Our Li-ion batteries offer high power density and C-rates, making them a competitive choice for our customers.

Overall, the maritime sector offers significant potential for our battery solutions, and we are ready to transform the industry’s approach to vessel electrification with our comprehensive product portfolio.

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