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Creating the next generation of electric car batteries.

At Morrow,our world-class team of scientists and process engineers is committed to developing the next generation of sustainable battery solutions for the automotive industry.

Our cutting-edge research is focused on creating a brand new LMNO-C chemistry that will offer high-end performance and highly sustainable sourcing for the
e-mobility markets.

NMC or LFT batteries?

The two most common battery chemistries in the automotive industry are NMC for long-range premium applications and LFP for mid-segment vehicles. This trend is similar to the early 1900s, when expensive cars were prevalent until Henry Ford’s Model-T made new mobility accessible to the masses.

LFP batteries are gaining popularity in the automotive market due to their cleaner sourcing, low cost, and high cycle life. Their nickel and cobalt-free system makes them an attractive option for electric vehicles.

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