Our Impact

With our state-of-the-art battery production, powered 100% by renewable clean energy, we can make a real difference in reducing carbon emissions. Our batteries can enable solar and wind energy and electrify transport. If all our batteries (43 GWh per year) go to the transport sector, we can avoid emitting over 15 million tons of CO2 equivalents yearly. This corresponds to an annual use of over five million fossil-fueled cars.
15m tonnes
Avoided CO2 equivalents.

Our Impact

Morrow Batteries is a company with a solid commitment to sustainability. In response to the IPCC warnings on the urgent need to transition to sustainable energy systems, we are developing cost-effective and sustainable batteries that could help avoid the emission of 15 million tons of CO2 equivalents into the atmosphere.

The company’s battery production is powered by 100% renewable clean energy and has been designed to create energy and resource-efficient processes. Morrow is well positioned to thrive in Europe's rapidly changing regulatory landscape, and welcomes the forthcoming “regulatory tsunami,” which creates a level playing field where sustainable performances and solutions are rewarded.

Morrow’s batteries are paving the way for the next generation of batteries with their lower carbon emissions.

The LNMO-X and LNMO-C technologies are notable for significantly reducing CO2 emissions per kWh and a higher number of cycles than current technologies, which can spread greenhouse gas emissions incurred in the sourcing and production phases across a longer use phase. Our dedication to producing sustainable batteries without compromising quality, safety, and sustainability makes us an industry leader in the transition to a decarbonised world.

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Our Zero-Emission Journey

Our journey towards zero.
Morrow is taking a bold step in the pursuit of a zero-emissions battery value chain. The company has set out to yield the greenest battery cells in the world, and it is not just a dream, but a reality that is already taking shape. Read more about our six pathways to zero-emissions.
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Responsible Sourcing

At Morrow, we are serious about sustainability, and the stakes in our industry are high. Robust sustainability risk management is necessary due to the potential adverse impacts that are known to exist in battery supply chains, including environmental destruction, unsafe working conditions, and the use of child labor.
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Sustainable Innovation

Morrow Batteries is at the forefront of developing sustainable battery chemistries to help tackle the climate crisis.
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Insights & Reports

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