Morrow aims to be at the forefront of battery technology development.

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We are pursuing the most promising battery technologies and will produce batteries in prismatic form factors optimised for our identified target markets within mobility and energy storage.


Our product roadmap offers cost and sustainability leading batteries.

In the initial years of production, we will manufacture the current industry-leading battery technologies for mobility (NMC) and for stationary storage (LFP).

By the middle of this decade, we will start to commercialise a new generation of battery technologies for the same markets but based on the high-voltage material LNMO.

Our LNMO technology is a more sustainable solution that uses cheap manganese as a scaffold to make better use of the lithium and nickel inside it.

This second generation of technology has branched into two product offerings; one which offers the highest practical single cell voltage in the world (>4.5V) and another which can supercharge heavy mobility (trains and ferries) and the long-life ESS markets.

Morrow’s extensive R&D and industrialisation infrastructure (MIC) will be a key enabler to evaluate and mature technologies and to drive them to commercialisation.

Morrow product timeline

Generation One

Generation Two

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We will start producing established LFP battery technology to remove technological risk and will be among the first European suppliers of LFP batteries.


Our LFP product has a low energy density but its significantly cheaper than NMC, making it ideal for stationary energy storage applications.



We will then continue with producing our developed NMC battery technology.

Our NMC product will be able to fast charge, has reduced amount of cobalt and boasts a high energy density profile.

Our NMC is designed for high end automotive applications.



Our second generation of battery technologies will be initiated with the launch of our LNMO-X technology.


Our LNMO technology in combination with our niobate anode offers ultrahigh cycle life and very fast charging capabilities.


With this product we will supercharge the heavy mobility (trains, trucks, ferries) and long-life ESS markets.



The launch of our LNMO-C product  will bring new possibilities to application developers and will be a game-changer for several industries.

Our LNMO technology in combination with a modified graphite anode and special electrolyte offers the highest practical single cell voltage in the world (4.5V) while maintaining the energy density of an NMC cell.

With this product we aim to offer a more cost-effective and sustainable solution to the automotive industry.

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