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Stina Torjesen joins Morrow’s sustainability team

Morrow Batteries appoints Stina Torjesen as Sustainability Advisor and she is joining Morrow’s dynamic and cross-functional sustainability task force. Stina Torjesen started 1 June and is reporting to Pål Brun, EVP for Corporate Affairs.

“We are delighted that Stina Torjesen has joined Morrow. Stina holds in-depth insights on sustainability as well as European and global battery trends. This is a rare combination and she will be a key asset as we move forward with our quest for a breakthrough in sustainable battery chemistries while utilising Norway’s unique access to renewable energy and emerging recycling opportunities”, says Pål Brun.

Stina Torjesen has worked on circular economy and sustainability related issues for more than a decade, first in the pioneering Norwegian sustainability consultancy SIGLA and later through research projects and educational initiatives where the Eyde Cluster and the Norwegian processing industry have been frequent partners. Stina Torjesen holds a PhD from the University of Oxford and worked previously with the United Nations and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Nupi).

Stina Torjesen will retain her position as Associate Professor at the University of Agder School of Business and Law. This includes serving as work package leader in the research project BATMAN (Lithium ion BATteries - Norwegian opportunities within sustainable end-of-life MANagement, reuse and new material streams), which forecasts developments in the battery sector and assesses the emergence of the European Union’s battery policies, including the new and comprehensive EU battery regulation.

“Morrow is set to produce the world’s most sustainable batteries and I am excited to contribute to the forging of ambitious policies and practices across Morrow’s operations – from sourcing and R&D to production and recycling”, says Torjesen.

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