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Preparing a sustainable industrial park for the battery value chain in Southern Norway

Centred around Morrow Batteries’ planned Gigafactory in southern Norway, Arendal Municipality is now working to establish new industrial areas for the battery value chain.

The area is named Eyde Material Park and is specifically meant for sustainable battery materials and component production. By establishing Eyde Material Park, Arendal Municipality and Morrow Batteries are taking the first step towards realising The Battery Coast – an integrated and local battery value chain.

“We are pursuing sustainability in every step of the value chain. With this initiative, we can secure local supply of sustainable materials to our planned Gigafactory in Arendal. A compact value chain and access to renewable energy is key to develop and manufacture low-cost and sustainable batteries that will accelerate the green energy transition”, says Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries.

Morrow Batteries plan to start the construction of its Cell Pilot Factory in February 2022, and aims to start the construction of the Gigafactory (43GWh) in 2023.

Eyde Material Park

Eyde Material Park consist of four large industrial areas, with a total of 2 500 000 square meters, more than twice the size of Morrow’s Gigafactory-site Eyde Energy Park.

“We have many suppliers who wants to establish themselves in Arendal, close to Morrow and their battery production. The establishment of Morrow will have an even greater impact than first thought. With Eyde Material Park we can contribute to the emerging battery industry, and be part of a new, sustainable industry adventure", says Kåre Andersen, Head of Business Development at Arendal Municipality.

Eyde Material Park will focus on synergies, circular economy and the use of shared resources, where companies work together in the value chain to achieve more sustainable and responsible batteries.

Download the information brochure of Eyde Material Park (PDF) here.

Eyde Material Park Information brochure
Download PDF • 5.29MB

Welcome to the Battery Coast

With an abundance of clean energy, raw materials, a world-class processing industry, Norway is the ideal place to establish an integrated battery value chain.

“The concept of the Battery Coast is to develop a compact value chain, built around our Gigafactory. Norway offers the unique opportunity to make batteries and precursor materials using exclusively renewable energy. The Battery Coast is well connected by roads and ports, ensuring excellent access to important European markets. Therefore we have named it the Battery Coast”, Andersen explains.

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