Morrow signs agreement to start building its innovation centre

Morrow Batteries and the Norwegian real estate developer, J.B. Ugland, has signed a binding agreement that ensures the construction and establishment of Morrow Battery Innovation Centre (BIC) in Grimstad in Southern Norway. The Innovation Centre is a crucial part of Morrows ambitious vision to develop the most sustainable battery cells in the world.

In front: Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries and Jill Akselsen, Managing Director of J. B. Ugland Real Estate, holding an illustration of the Battery Innovation Centre. Back, from left: Håvard Bjorå, Project- and business developer in J.B. Ugland Real Estate and Juergen Lind, EVP Business Development and Industrialization in Morrow Batteries

“The Battery Innovation Centre will be our centre of excellence and responsible for developing and commercializing new battery technology. In partnership with J. B. Ugland, we have ensured a perfect location, next to the university and only a short drive from our planned pilot cell factory and Giga factory”, says Juergen Lind, EVP Business Development and Industrialization in Morrow Batteries.

The agreement secures the establishment of the innovation centre, with start of construction later this year. J. B. Ugland will be the legal owner, and Morrow has signed a 15 years rental agreement, with option for further expansion.

“We are proud to be Morrow’s partner and to contribute to the realisation of the Battery innovation centre at Campus Grimstad. J.B. Ugland has a long-term commitment to further develop the Campus and the associated Technology Park as a focal point in the region for collaboration between academia and public and private businesses. The establishment of Morrow’s Battery Innovation Centre will further strengthen this commitment”, says Jill Akselsen, Managing Director of J.B. Ugland Real Estate.

The ground floor of the Innovation Centre will be approximately 2000 square meters, with several floors of lab facilities and office spaces for around 40 employees.

Morrow Battery Innovation Centre will offer world-leading technology and equipments to screen and develop leading materials compositions for Morrows core battery cell designs, while providing the opportunity to accelerate the commercialization of new battery technologies in the European industry.

“With Morrow Battery Innovation Centre we are bridging the gap between component development, cell design, and the high volume manufacturing that will happen at our pilot facility and giga factory”, says Lind.

Morrow Batteries are pursuing sustainability in every step of the value chain. The innovation centre will play an important role in the development of next generation batteries. Together with its partners, Morrow is developing “Battery Coast”, a local value chain for batteries to manufacture the most cost effective and sustainable battery cells in the world. With the lowest CO2-footprint possible.

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