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Morrow secures access to green energy

Morrow Batteries and Agder Energi have signed an MoU that gives Morrow access to competitively priced renewable energy from local hydro power production for their facilities in Southern Norway.

Access to competitive renewable energy is critical to manufacture batteries in a sustainable way. The partnership with Agder Energi, which is one of the largest energy producer in Norway, will secure Morrow access to competitive 100% renewable energy which will enable us to develop, scale and manufacture the most sustainable batteries in the world”, says Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries.

Norway has a long history of stable industrial framework conditions. The combination of competitive renewable energy-prices and robust infrastructure provides several industrial advantages.

“Southern Norway is the Norwegian region with the largest surplus of renewable electricity, and it also benefits from good infrastructure. These natural advantages make Southern Norway an excellent location for new, green manufacturing industries. As one of the founders, we will help Morrow to utilize these natural advantages from locally produced hydropower. Together we will create sustainable growth into a renewable future, supporting the European “net zero”-ambition”, says Steffen Syvertsen, CEO of Agder Energi.

Later this year Morrow will start the construction of its Battery Innovation Centre and Pilot factory (600MWh) in southern Norway. Morrow aim to start the construction of its first giga-factory module during 2023, that will consume a minimum of 315 MW when fully constructed in 2026.

Morrow have also signed a contract with Statnett to develop 315MW power supply for the gigafactory in 2024 and 15MW for the pilotfactory with Agder Energi Nett for production start in 2023.

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