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Morrow hires experienced Project Manager from Tesla

Rajasekaran Sridharan joins Morrow Batteries as Senior Project Manager. He has relevant experience from Tesla, where he was part of the construction team that built the first Tesla Gigafactory in Reno (Nevada, US).

«During my time with Tesla, I have worked with demanding expectations in terms of schedule, cost and design that went into bringing the Model 3 to the market in record time. Morrow has an amazing team assembled from all over the world and I am super excited to be working with such a diverse and talented group of people», Says Sridharan.

Mr. Sridharan has experience from building critical infrastructure for datacenters and manufacturing facilities with Amazon and Tesla. He started his position as Senior Project Manager in Morrow at 1th. of December.

«I am pleased to welcome Mr. Sridharan to our team. He has vast experience from building Teslas Gigafactory, and will play a key role in building our cutting-edge industrialization center in southern Norway. Mr. Sridharan is a great addition to our already talented and fantastic team», says Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries.

Morrow Industrialization Centre consist of several facilities and embrace the entire value chain from research and design to the mass production of battery cells. As Senior Project Manager, Rajasekaran Sridharan will coordinate and manage the overall project progress for the establishment of Morrow Industrialization Center, including the Cell Pilot Factory.

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From Tesla Gigafactory to Morrow Industrialization Center

As part of the construction team in Tesla, Mr. Sridharan was involved in building the very first Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, and was responsible for completing the infrastructure that was critical for manufacturing the battery packs at the factory. In Morrow he will play a key role in developing the Battery Coast, an entire eco-system within the battery value chain.

«Morrow Batteries is not only developing better batteries to reduce costs, but more importantly focusing on utilizing sustainable energy and innovation to manufacture batteries with the lowest CO2-footprint possible. Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing our generation today. As part of Morrow, I look forward to contribute to accelerating the transition to green and sustainable energy», says Sridharan.

Morrow starts to form its constructing-team.

In addition to Sridharan, Morrow has recently hired:

· Asbjørn Hilde as Senior Project Manager for High voltage systems. Hilde comes to Morrow from Rejlers Elsikkerhet where he was CEO.

· Terje Erlandsen as Project Manager Infrastructure. Erlandsen comes to Morrow from Nettpartner, the largest electrical infrastructure company in Norway, where he was Project Manager.

· Morten Kollerup Bak as Group Leader – Process Engineering Cell Assembly. Kollerup Bak comes to Morrow from Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL), where he was CTO.

They are already in place at the Morrow-office in Arendal where they are part of the team responsible for building Morrow’s facilities in Southern Norway. Sridharan will move to Arendal with his family as soon as practically possible.

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* The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry lay down the foundation stone of Morrow Research Center. Read more.

* Morrow signs agreement to start the construction of its Pilot Factory. Read more.

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