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Morrow Batteries hires General Counsel

Asta Stenhagen is employed by Morrow Batteries as General Counsel. Coming from Tietoevry as General Counsel and Head of legal, risk and compliance, she is bringing onboard a broad and global experience.

Asta Stenhagen. Photo: CF-Wesenberg.

«Morrow’ ambitious vision to develop world class battery production in southern Norway triggers me. Having worked in global companies with a long history and track record from technology, maritime services and shipping, I really want to be part of the emerging next generation green tech industry in Norway», says Asta Stenhagen.

She will start her position as General Counsel in Morrow Batteries 1th of April, and will also take the role of secretary to the Board of Directors.

« I’m pleased to welcome Asta Stenhagen to the Morrow-team. She has a strong track record and will play a key role in the Morrow leadership to ensure compliance across our operations as we are starting to build our factories and intensify the dialogue towards investors, customers and partners», says Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries.

Global background Stenhagen’ professional background includes a law degree and project management from the University of Oslo. Through different positions in Wilh. Wilhelmsen group and Tietoevry, Stenhagen has developed a broad and global expertise within legal and compliance.

«As head of legal, compliance and risk in Tietoevry I had a broad responsibility in a global company with over 24 000 employees, including security, risk management, crisis management, legal and compliance. My strength is that I manage to keep the overview and long term strategy in mind whilst dealing with the everyday operational tasks», Stenhagen says.

She will initially work from Oslo, with regular trips to her second home in Arendal as the construction of the Pilot Cell Factory and Gigafactory are moving forward.

Highlighted experience 2020-2022 General Counsel and Head of legal, risk and compliance at Tietoevry 2018-2020 Several managing roles, last EVP Legal and Risk in EVRY and part of Group Leadership Team 2014-2018 Group Compliance Officer, head of Finance unit at EVRY 2005-2014 Legal Counsel and Board secretary at Wilh. Wilhelmsen group

Read more on Asta Stenhagen’ LinkedIn-profile.

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