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Morrow Batteries explores new technology with Dutch startup-company

Morrow Batteries and Delft IMP have agreed to explore a joint collaboration in using ultra-thin coating technologies to produce lower cost and more sustainable batteries.

Norway-based Morrow Batteries and Dutch-based startup Delft IMP have agreed to investigate the joint development of new improved batteries. The technology used is based on atomic layer deposition (ALD).

Morrow is building up world-class battery cell capabilities. By building Morrow Industrialization Centre, the company aims to accelerate the development and industrialization of battery technologies and cell production. In addition, the company is planning to build a giga factory for cell production. Delft IMP has unique expertise in ultra-thin coating technology, and know-how to develop and produce these materials at scale.

“We are applying ultra thin coatings on powder material and can produce these at scale with a unique technology originating from Delft University of Technology.” said Dr. Roderik Colen, CEO of Delft IMP. “It is a matter of time before breakthrough developments using ultra thin coatings become commercially available. The development of Morrow Industrialization Centre (MIC) provides us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate this at scale.”

Rahul Fotedar, CTO of Morrow Batteries comments; “This collaboration is a perfect example of our mission to make the most sustainable, innovative and affordable batteries in the world, working together with start-ups like Delft IMP gives us access to vanguard technologies”.

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