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Morrow Batteries and Siemens cooperate for efficient and sustainable battery production

Morrow Batteries and Siemens work together to expand sustainable production methods in the new Gigafactory in southern Norway.

Partnership cooperation in the innovation centre for the development and industrialisation of new, innovative battery technologies.

Battery manufacturer Morrow Batteries and Siemens will collaborate on sustainable digitalization and automation in the battery manufacturing industry. Morrow aims to digitize the entire battery cell production value chain and its research and development processes to accelerate the commercialization of new low-cost products. As a leader in automation, industrial software and intelligent infrastructure, Siemens brings its domain expertise and technologies to the partnership to develop highly flexible, efficient and sustainable battery production with Morrow.

In collaboration with a wide range of partners, Morrow Batteries will construct a 42 GWh battery cell factory in southern Norway. In addition, Morrow will build Morrow Industrialization Centre, which will support the company’s vision to create new, innovative and sustainable batteries through several development- and pilot facilities.

Morrow intends to use Siemens' knowledge in the battery industry and technology in the areas of automation, digitalization and electrification technology to build a large-scale, sustainable and competitive battery production solution to achieve its zero-carbon footprint and low production cost goals.

With the project, Morrow aims to establish Southern Norway as a world-leading centre for battery cell development and production. Morrow and Siemens will also explore the possibility of joint development projects involving other third parties to build a value chain and competence for more sustainable battery production in Norway.

“Morrow’s ambitions for low cost and zero carbon footprint battery cell production is a match with Siemens commitment to support the battery industry towards an accelerated transition to a net zero carbon emission economy. Both parties also realize the necessity of building up a regional value chain as part of a sustainable battery production in Norway. We look forward to the collaboration with Morrow”, says Frank Braathen, Managing Director of Siemens Digital Industries, Norway.

The two companies will collaborate with a with a focus on:

  • Speed up the time to market for Morrows emerging battery cell technologies utilizing digital and simulation tools for product development and verification.

  • Optimize production quality and material- and energy flow by digitalize and integrate the entire battery cell lifecycle to meet carbon emission targets and secure a competitive edge.

“In order to succeed in our mission to develop cost-effective and sustainable batteries, digitization and automation of operations is key. With Siemens' cutting-edge technology we can both create world class cell manufacturing operations and at the same time accelerate the battery design process to develop cutting edge innovative battery technology. By virtually simulation we can improve and balancing battery key attributes like cost, capacity and lifetime using, from the electrochemistry to performance of the cell. This technology will reduce our time to market significant, and we are looking forward to work with Siemens in developing next generation battery technology” says Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries.

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