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Morrow Batteries and IFE collaborate on battery development

Morrow Batteries and the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) has entered into an agreement on a long-term collaboration on R&D projects within battery technology.

"Our mission is to accelerate the green energy transition by developing and manufacturing cost effective and sustainable batteries. IFE has developed technologies, methods and processes, as well as extensive knowledge related to battery materials and batteries, that are relevant to the development of Morrow's products," says Rahul Fotedar, CTO of Morrow Batteries.

With this agreement, Morrow and IFE enter a long-term collaboration that covers a wide range of R&D projects within battery technology. The companies will be working on improving existing commercial active materials as well as developing completely new technologies based on the high voltage cobalt-free cathode material LNMO.

“We are proud to take our collaboration with Morrow to the next level with the signing of this agreement”, says Nils Morten Huseby, CEO of IFE. "IFE is a large Norwegian energy research institute and has always been a pioneer. We were out early to work with hydrogen, solar, wind and batteries. We have been doing battery research for over 10 years. Now is a crucial point in time for taking the development even further within batteries, to ensure that Norway can succeed in the global battle it is to create values ​​and jobs from the knowledge we have. We look upon the intended impact of this collaboration agreement with great enthusiasm".

Developing next-generation batteries

Morrow Batteries recently completed a successful private placement of NOK 230 million. The capital increase enables Morrow to proceed with the first phase of construction of the Morrow Industrialization Center (MIC) and fast-track the development of competitive commercial products while continuing their research into batteries employing the cobalt-free manganese based LNMO cathode material.

As part of the agreement, Morrow Batteries get access to IFE's new Battery Development Laboratory, in Kjeller just outside Oslo, the capital of Norway.

“In addition to a good research environment, IFE has the best infrastructure and facilities in Norway. With this agreement we have the opportunity to continue our research and development, while we built our own facilities”, says Rahul Fotedar, and ads:

”We see the collaboration with IFE as a long-term strategic positioning that will remain important even after commissioning of our own facilities in Grimstad and Arendal”.

Five Morrow employees have already moved into the IFE-office.

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