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Meet our new hires: Elisabeth Meidel and Bjørn Rustad

Morrow has recently hired Elisabeth Meidel as Talent and Recruitment Director and Bjørn Rustad as Director of Construction and Infrastructure.

“Later this year, we will start to build our cutting edge innovation center. At the same time, we need to secure the competence and positions necessary to realise our ambition. Elisabeth and Bjørn both have extensive experience and passion in their field, and will be an important addition to the Morrow-team, says Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries.

On our Career-page you can find available positions and contact details.

Elisabeth Meidel, Talent and Recruitment Director

Elisabeth has a key role as the company enters a growth phase. She will lead the work of attracting and securing the right candidates for Morrow, which is crucial for further success.

“This is a chance in a lifetime to participate in building a significant and key Employer in "my" part of Norway, building an innovative and cutting-edge business for the future and contribute to the green energy transition we all need”, says Elisabeth Meidel, Talent and Recruitment Director in Morrow Batteries.

She joins Morrow from Gard, a global insurance company for maritime industries, where she has worked as HR Manager at the company’s UK office for the last two years. In the Gard Group, she has filled several positions, as responsible for the HR team and supporting the Global Management Team on HR matters.

I have been lucky in my career so far to work for world-leading, established employers with a well-defined business with proven processes within all fields. Having the opportunity to contribute to build a main performer within a green business from the start - in my world this is the most interesting HR opportunity I could possibly have been given”, says Elisabeth.

Elisabeth is from Arendal and will start to work in the Arendal-office when its finished.

Bjørn Rustad, Director of Construction and Infrastructure

Later this year, Morrow will start building its first facilities in southern Norway. Bjørn will supervise the construction and ensure that the facilities and infrastructure meet the strong requirements of today's state-of-the-art development and production technology.

I'm excited to be a part of this journey. Morrow's holistic approach to the battery value chain both impresses and motivates me. Together with an international and experienced team, I look forward to be part of a new sustainable and industrial adventure, says Bjørn Rustad, Director of Construction and Infrastructure in Morrow.

Bjørn joins Morrow from AF-gruppen with extensive experience as project manager from large scale industrial developments. His experience covers several sectors including renewable energy, healthcare, EV manufacturing and process industry. In addition, Bjørn has led the construction of Nye Jordal Amfi, the national ice hockey arena, with a clear environmental profile and low energy consumption.

"To me, Morrow represents the future. Both when it comes to the products, but just as important is the company's focus on sustainability. A sustainable battery production must come from sustainable facilities. That starts with the construction and the infrastructure," says Bjørn.

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