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Four plots shortlisted for Morrow Batteries gigafactory

These four plots are shortlisted for Morrow Batteries gigafactory; Eyde Energy Park (Arendal), Lista (Farsund), Støleheia Sør (Kristiansand) and Otra (Vennesla).

Over the past month, Morrow Batteries has reviewed 19 submitted proposals for the location of its gigafactory and has landed on four alternatives; Eyde Energipark (Arendal), Lista (Farsund), Støleheia Sør (Kristiansand) and Otra (Vennesla).

- We are very pleased with the selection we are now moving forward with. What characterizes these plots is that they to a great extent meet the requirements we have set with regard to available power, available water for cooling, size and logistics. Also desirable is a site that is close to a port, airport or preferably both, says Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries.

Now further process commences with the four plot alternatives, the company as planned will make a final decision on where the large battery factory will be located around the turn of the year.

Dives into the details

- You can say that we could establish a battery factory on each of the four plots, because these are good alternatives, but we will find the one that is best suited for Morrow Batteries. Now we will dive into the details and then there are numerous elements that come into play that we must have answers to, says Andersen.

He draws particular attention to a detailed cost picture to, among other things, secure infrastructure such as power, cooling and logistics.

- Several of the plots are already in the undertaking of one or more processes related to regulation and licensing. It gives us greater security when it comes to progress and realization of the battery factory, says Andersen.

The region is ready for a re-industrialization

This process has shown that new, green industry is both possible and desired in Sørlandet.

- We have been overwhelmed by the interest and mobilization that has been in the region in recent months. This process has really revealed an enormous opportunity that I hope the players continue to work with, says Andersen.

He points out that requirements for sustainability are becoming increasingly important in Europe, which means that Norway can take a position in the battery industry.

- As I see it, the region has all thinkable prerequisites for taking an international position when it comes to the value chain for batteries. Sørlandet, or "Battery Coast", is simply a kinder egg, with a surplus of renewable energy, necessary raw materials and a location close to the European markets, says Andersen.

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