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Dr Ulrich Ehmes joins Morrow Batteries as industrial advisor

Morrow Batteries has engaged Dr Ulrich Ehmes as an industrial advisor. Dr. Ehmes has broad international experience from several industrial battery companies, especially in setting up gigafactory projects in Asia. He will advise Morrow on customer development and technology strategy.

"Morrow Batteries’ ambition to set up a Lithium-ion cell production in Norway is coming at the right time and with the right focus. The market demands significant production capacities for cells in Europe as it will increase exponentially. Morrow will be ready as a stable and cost competitive cell supplier in Europe on time", says Dr Ulrich Ehmes.

Europe focuses strongly on developing a home-grown battery industry, in competition with the established Asian companies. Dr Ehmes' experience from battery cell production worldwide has given him important insight and knowledge about the market and key customers and a broad network in the battery value chain in Europe.

“We are pleased to have Dr Ulrich Ehmes on board as an industrial advisor. He has a high standing in the industry and with his strong international track record he will help us become a world leading battery producer. He will especially focus on customers and potential technology partners”, says Terje Andersen, CEO in Morrow Batteries.

Focus on sustainability in the supply-chain

Cost and carbon footprint are the most relevant selection criteria for industrial customers, beside cell performance and safety.

“Morrow’s focus on reducing the cost of materials, which represents up to 70 percent of the cell cost, and using exclusively renewable energy, will make Morrow’s cells among the most cost competitive as well as the greenest”, says Dr Ehmes.

The advantages of the Battery Coast

“Morrow’s smart technology roadmap, its approach to upstream vertical integration and local sourcing of materials in the South of Norway enables Morrow to offer a politically stable and long-term supply chain in Europe. Dependency from Asian suppliers will be reduced significantly”, Dr Ehmes comments.

Locating the factory to the very South of Norway, known as the Battery Coast, makes the distance to customers significantly shorter in comparison to other projects in Scandinavia, according to Ehmes.

“Immediate availability of land, infrastructure and renewable energy shorten Morrow’s project timeline significantly in comparison to other projects”, says Dr. Ehmes.

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