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Dr. Andreas Maier appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Morrow Batteries today announces the appointment of Dr. Andreas Maier as Chief Operating Officer (COO) effective 1 April 2022. He will ensure alignment across all Morrow’s operations and lead the establishment of Morrow’s Gigafactory in southern Norway.

Dr. Andreas Maier joined Morrow Batteries as EVP Manufacturing on 1 May 2021. He came to Morrow with extensive experience from the Tier 1 battery manufacturer Samsung SDI.

“Morrow is expanding rapidly and we have a lot of activities going on. The appointment of Dr. Andreas Maier underpins our development as a company, and as our new COO he will be responsible for and oversee our activities in the value chain, incl. raw materials, in- and outbound logistics, production and manufacturing, quality, product readiness, business development and customer needs and expectations. Dr. Maier has expertise and solid know-how when it comes to developing and manufacturing high-quality battery cells and will play a key role as we are pioneering our battery production infrastructure and technology”, says Terje Andersen CEO in Morrow Batteries.

In southern Norway Morrow is building up world-class capabilities. With Morrow Battery Research Centre under construction, and the planning of Pilot- and Gigafactory at an advanced stage, Morrow aims to bridge the gap between research and development and high-volume manufacturing. As COO, Dr. Maier will have a holistic view on the core processes and he will ensure alignment between materials, product development, industrialization and high-volume production.

“The way Morrow Batteries is developing an entire eco-system around the battery value chain is unique. The Morrow Industrialization Centre represents a world leading infrastructure when it comes to research into advanced battery technologies and scaling battery production. We are well advanced in setting up this facility and over the past year have put all important elements put in place for execution. This entity forms a solid foundation to manufacture world class battery cells at the Gigafactory subsequently. I am excited to take on this new, extended role as a COO in the Executive Management team of Morrow Batteries“, says Dr. Andreas Maier.

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