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Academic battery-initiative gives power to the Battery coast

University of Agder (UiA) aims to take a leading academic role within battery technology. In close cooperation with Morrow Batteries and world-leading industry companies, the University strengthens the Battery coast-vision by ensuring competence for the future.

In the South of Norway Morrow Batteries is developing the Battery coast, in close cooperation with its industrial partners. With the unique access to renewable energy and long material and chemical industrial tradition, Morrow aims to develop an emission-free battery value chain for the European market.

“When the entire region invests so strongly, it is natural that the university is involved. In close collaboration with the industry, we will build up our competence, which is something that we all will benefit from”, says Jorunn Gislefoss, director of the Faculty of Technology and Science at UiA.

With support from the industrial companies, Morrow, Equinor, Elkem and Glencore, the university is creating a battery group consisting of four professors, three research positions, and six PhD positions. The goal is to become one of the leading academic institutions in batteries in Norway, and by that support the Battery coast-vision.

A knowledge intensive industry

“The Battery industry is a rapidly evolving knowledge intensive industry. Therefore, we are pleased that the university has taken the initiative to ensure future academic competence in this field. This is a perfect example on how we can develop the Battery coast further, an entire eco-system built around the battery value chain. Our vision is to attract the best and the brightest and turn the region into a centre of battery excellence, says Dr. Rahul Fotedar, CTO of Morrow Batteries, who also joins the advisory board of UiA Battery group.

Morrow Batteries is building up world-class battery cell capabilities in the region. With the Morrow Industrialization Centre, the company aims to accelerate the development and industrialization of battery technologies and cell production. In addition, the company is planning to build a giga factory, with production start in 2024.

The national industry-cluster supports the Battery coast

Eyde, the Norwegian cluster for the process industry, has played an important role to connect the industry and university to position the partners to the upcoming battery industry.

- This initiative is about securing the relevant technology and knowledge in the region, which is increasingly important for all the industrial companies, says Lars Petter Maltby, CTO of Eyde-cluster.

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