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Environmental policy




Morrow is on a mission to safeguard our planet and our way of life for future generations. Every day we devote ourselves to delivering the most sustainable battery cells in the world. We take pride in noting that our batteries will ensure that large volumes of greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided by enabling customers to move away from fossil fuel. Morrow’s Environmental Policy offers guidance in our work and communicates our commitment.

Move towards zero-emission battery cell production

Morrow utilises 100% renewable electricity. We are working towards zero emissions in our battery cell manufacturing (scope 1 and 2) and we will continuously strive to improve energy efficiency in our production.

Pioneer the use of new battery chemistries that radically lessens the environmental footprint of batteries

Morrow’s scientist and engineers are developing commercially viable battery chemistries that eliminate the use of cobalt and reduce the use of nickel – thereby further bringing down greenhouse gas emissions in Morrow’s supply chain (scope 3). Moving forward, we want to further lessen emissions by enabling the use of new raw materials. We will also complement these gains by encouraging the processing of active battery materials closer to Morrow’s facilities and use of renewable energy. We will build long-term and comprehensive relations with all key suppliers so that we can collectively work towards more renewable energy and zero-emissions in the supply chain (scope 3).

Develop a circular battery value chain

Morrow is set to be an industry leader in low levels of production scrap and the re-use of production scrap. We are developing batteries that can be easily reused and recycled and, in collaboration with leading recyclers, we aim to establish on-site units for recycling batteries and battery material.

Source responsibly

Morrow recognises that the mining of battery minerals and the refining of these carry risks of causing local environmental damage, including water contamination and biodiversity loss. We require suppliers to demonstrate excellent environmental management practices, including, where appropriate, certified systems for environmental management, such as the ISO14000 Environmental Management standard.

Encourage zero-emission logistical solutions

Morrow seeks to develop partnerships that can deliver zero-emission transport of battery cells to customers through use of electric trucks, zero-emission shipping and electric rail.

Prioritise environmental concerns in the construction of our factory sites and production lines

Morrow integrates environmental concerns when developing our new research and production facilities. Our construction work and buildings will be certified through the globally recognised BREEAM green building certification system, or equivalent. We want to minimize waste, enable reuse and resource sharing, recycle correctly and, if possible and reasonable, favour products made from recycled materials. We take every measure to avoid harmful discharges and emissions.

Updated: January 2023

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